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The History Of Faceless Dolls - Updated February 2015 - Part XVI - Mixed Media Faceless Dolls

Faceless dolls have become very popular in mixed media creations over the last dew years.  Part of the reason is that your creation can be made out of just about anything. It can also be watercolor art, painted canvas art, collage and decoupage art, rubber stamped or stenciled art and conveying whatever it is you wish to convey.  It can also empower individuals with finding an inner voice, developing confidence, and expressing who they are individually.

Christy Tomlinson is a self-taught very talented mixed media artist, who as she says, "who isn't afraid to get my hands messy and let my heart be open" and the creator of the "She Art workshops." She has traveled all over the world teaching her mixed media art workshops and teaching online.

In her workshop she teaches how to create her mixed media "she art" canvas and collage faceless girls.

Here is what Christy said about why her girls are faceless, "Week 3 we will finish off by going even more in depth to creating facial details. Not just a "blank" face anymore. SO many times people ask my why I don't put faces on my girls. Is it because I don't know how to or I don't like to or what? And the answer is always the same."

"The reason I don't often times.. or MOST times put faces on my girls is because when there is no face, the observer of the art is left to determine the mood, the soul of the girl. Sometimes just by adding even shading in certain places or adding details down her neck, or in her hair..tell more about her, than a set of eyes do.. staring at you from the canvas."

"So I usually leave the girls faceless, so that whoever is enjoying her, can decide for themselves what she is trying to say.. the story she has to tell. HOWEVER.. there are times that I think there is a definite story to be told."

Christy has also created over 50 video's on her Christy Tomlinson YouTube Channel showing how she creates her various mixed media and collage art pieces, as well as several showing how to create her "She Art" faceless mixed media canvas and collage girls, like the picture shown on the left.

She has a She Art Workshop Sneak Peak video here, a Christy Tomlinson: Behind the Art: Faber Castell and She Art Girls... video here, and a Christy Tomlinson Mixed Media Collage: She Art (tease to she art class) & Somerset Studios Project! video here.

You can visit her Christy Tomlinson website and blog here  and her Scarlet Lime store here.

Julie Nutting is a watercolor, acrylic, and pastel artist as well as a mixed media, collage, scrapbooking and stamping artist.

She also creates whimsical collage doll art pieces including couture dolls with faces and faceless collage dolls.

Here's what Julie had to say about herself on her Julie Nutting Designs blog , "I suppose I should tell you a bit about myself. I have been drawing fashion since I was 8. I am not particularly girly, I am more of a jeans and tee shirt kind of girl but but I love drawing girly feminine and sometimes glamourous fashion illustrations. Two years ago I took my love for paper, fashion and mosaics and put it all together into my fashion collages. I really liked the way they turned out so I wrote an article and submitted it to Somerset Studios magazine. It was published and from that point on I keep submitting and to my delight they keep accepting."

Not only does she teach workshops, but she is also the designer of the Prima faceless boy and girl stamps, like those shown in the picture to the right.

Julie's faceless boy and girls stamps are used to create adorable scrapbook layouts, mixed media tags, collage creations, art journals, and so much more.

Julie is also the author of Collage Couture Studio Paper Dolls book.

Here is what Julie had to say in the introduction of her book.  "In 2008, when I created my first mixed media, faceless, paper collaged doll, made of newspaper, it was all about fashion illustration.  Little did I know then that the faceless darlings would become a successful book, stamps and craft product line. The direction of my art has taken a sharp, unintentional turn.  Yes, its still about the clothes, but it became  more than that."

You can visit her Julie Nutting Designs blog here.

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