Tuesday, March 03, 2015

I've Never Met A Wreath I Haven't Loved

Now I know what you're thinking, "You've never met a wreath you haven't loved. Yeah, right Linda.... you love everything crafty. In fact, there isn't any craft you've met that you haven't loved!" Well, that may be true but wreaths certainly are one of my favorites. I love making them and love decorating with them.

As far as home decorations are concerned you can never have enough wreaths. They're just so much fun to work with and so versatile.

Holiday wreaths, seasonal wreaths, wreaths for special occasions, wreaths of every media - glass, real floral, silk floral, natural greens, wood, painted, paper, metal, ceramic, clay, needle felted, yarn, wool, fabric - even popsicle sticks or lego's. The list is endless.

Wreaths can be shabby chic, romantic, Victorian, primitive, rustic, recycled, contemporary, country, folksy - the list is endless.

Did I mention I love wreaths......   I also love looking at pictures of wreaths that other artists and crafters have created and I'm always amazed at the beautiful designs. I keep thinking that I've seen just about every kind of wreath there is when I'll see a picture of a wreath made out of something I would never have thought of or a new design.

Over the years I've created many, many wreaths of my own and written about some of them on my Linda's Blog.

Back in 2010 I wrote a post which was about making puffy fabric wreaths, like the one shown in the picture above, using an E-Z wreathmaker, which is a tool that allows you to clamp single or double rail clamp-style wreath rings. You know the metal rings with prongs that you see hanging up in the floral section of the craft supply stores. There's no way you can fold the metal prongs down without a large clamp. Think of the E-Z wreathmaker as a giant stapler and you'll get the idea. I ended up making 5 or 6 of these type of wreaths.

I've also dabbled with pressed flowers and ended up making several nature themed pictures using pressed flowers and, of course, one of those was the wreath picture shown above.

One of my earliest memories of a wreath being made was the pinecone wreath my mother had made when I was a child and which was a torturous wreath to make. Working with pinecones and wire is not for the faint at heart and certainly not for someone who faints at the sight of blood.  My mother's hands were bloody for days on end from the wire cuts. Her wreath ended up being absolutely beautiful and proudly resided above the fireplace mantle in my parents home for many, many years.

Right now it resides in a box in my basement waiting to be repaired. I promised my mother I would repair it.  Sadly, some of the pinecones have deteriorated over the years. However, it was also the inspiration for the pinecone wreath shown above that I made several years ago and blogged about in a post entitled "My Favorite Pinecone Wreath - I Just had To Make One."  I created a free how-to for making this wreath here.

I also LOVE Pinterest so, of course, one of my many, many pinterest boards is filled with wreath making tutorials, videos, patterns, and how-to's. Right now it has pictures and links to over 800 exceptional wreaths.  I dare you to look at all of the wreaths on my board without wanting to make one, ywo, maybe three - or more....

I just LOVE handmade wreaths of every size and type. Cloth, wood, silk floral, natural greens - it doesn't matter. Country ones, folk-art, Victorian, primitive - it doesn't matter. I LOVE them all. If you do, too, and would like to learn how to make wreaths perhaps some of these tutorials, video's and how-to's will be helpful.

If you love our Wreath Making Tutorials, Video's, Patterns and How-To's Pinterest board please follow our board by clicking on the link above.

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