Tuesday, November 27, 2012

More Fiber Crafting Adventures - The Alpaca Head Ornaments

One of the things my sister and I wanted to do during my recent visit was to continue with our needle felting and roving crafting adventure.

We began our needle felting and roving crafting adventures in October 2012 during my sister's visit. So, while I was visiting last week we decided to spend our evenings playing and having "fun" her alpacas roving.

I decided to create a holiday tree which I will be posting about at a later date.   My sister had learned how to create a three dimensional Santa ornament at a recent fiber show she was working at with a friend of hers.  It came out really nice so she thought she try her hand at creating alpaca head ornaments based upon her own alpacas' faces.

Being as adventuresome as always she decided to start with one of the most difficult alpaca  faces - Masquerade.  So, she worked on it and felted it until she got it just right.

Her ornament is pictured below and pictured with the picture of Masquerade that she used as a guide.  I think it looks just like him.

Of course, I thought it would be funny to take a picture or her needle felted alpaca head on top of the picture of his body, which is shown below.   I just LOVE that picture.

Then, she decided to try her hand at creating an alpaca head ornament for her alpaca Cosmo.  For awhile it looked like a bunnies head, but she kept felting it until she got the results she wanted.

It came out a little bigger than Masquerade's head, but I think it looks like Cosmo - Mr. Smoozer.

Of course, I had to take a picture of her Cosmo alpaca head ornament on his body.

Hopefully, my sister is going to create patterns for her alpaca heads so you can create some of your own and offer kits to make that even easier.  Their roving is just so wonderful to work with.

I LOVE the alpaca head ornaments.  They're just too adorable to resist - especially when they're pictured on  their alpaca bodies.  Wouldn't you agree?

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