Saturday, May 05, 2012

My Historical Fashion Periods Timeline

The other day I posted an article entitled "A Wonderful Moseying At The MET!" concerning my preliminary research on the historical fashion periods and what I had learned.  Since I tend to like everything nice and neat and totally organized I decided the best way for me to try and understand the different fashion periods was to create a time line that I could update, change, and add to from time to time.

So, I created an Historical Fashion Periods timeline that I've added to the sidebar of my Victorian Dolls, Victorian Traditions, The Victorian Era and Me Blog

This timeline is really for me to help me understand what periods the fashions I like might fall into when I see different styles.  I am far from and will never claim to be any kind of an expert on historical fashion periods.  My timeline is being included in my sidebar as a personal reference tool for me. Something I can learn from, something I can update, something changeable if incorrect, and something I can update from time to time.

I'm hoping to do a little research into the different fashion periods, especially the periods before and after the Victorian Era and will post what I've found on my Victorian Dolls, Victorian Traditions, The Victorian Era and Me Blog.

If you'd like to see what my timeline has so far just click on the link below and scroll down the right hand sidebar.

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