Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Some Of Our Handmade Cross-Stitch Christmas Gifts This Year

You may have noticed in my last few Linda's Blog posts that I've been on a cross-stitch kick this year.  In fact, I think I've been on it now for close to three years. 

Just recently I finished an enormous Dimensions Gold Collection Victorian cross-stitch kit. 

I have been a fan of the Dimensions cross-stitch for quite some time and have written about them several times on my The Book Review Corner blog before. 

Back in June I had written a "The Book Review Corner" blog post about several cross-stitch kits I had bought and was hoping to finish this year. 

Well, I finished several - two of which were woodland landscape scenes and which are shown in the pictures at the beginning of this post and below: 

They were made based upon the following Dimension Gold Collection cross-stitch kits: 

Dimensions Moonlit Cabin Counted Cross-Stitch Kit

Gold Collection Petite Morning Lake Counted Cross-Stitch Kit

I had bought these two because they were different from all the other cross-stitch kits I had seen. They were woodland and I knew some of my relatives would just love the pictures. 

I ended up giving the Dimensions Moonlit Cabin Counted Cross-Stitch ( shown at the beginning of this post) picture I had finished to my younger brother as a Christmas present his year. You know, the one with the amazing workshop.  Well, he and his wide just loved it and were amazed at the detail within the picture and how it had a three dimensional aspect to it. 

The Gold Collection Petite Morning Lake Counted Cross-Stitch (2nd picture in this post) picture I finished I decided to keep for hubby and I and have it hanging next to our desk in our kitchen. It looks wonderful there and I, too, am amazed at the detail within the picture and it's three dimensional affect every time I look at it. 

I was hoping to finish more of the cross-stitch kits I had bought this Spring but just ran out of time. 

Oh, well! There's always next year! 

In my opinion,  it's never too early to start on Christmas presents. 

In fact, I already have a few gifts in mind! 

Hmm........ Do you think they'll be cross-stitch gifts? 

They'd better be with the number of kits I've bought and haven't completed as of yet. 

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