Sunday, January 09, 2011

I Didn't Realize I'd Created and Reviewed That Many Craft Kits

Boy! Sometimes you really do surprise yourself.

I know that this morning I did and the surprise had nothing to do with dolls.

It actually had to do with the number of craft kits I have put together and reviewed for my "The Book Review Corner" blog.  During the last couple of years I have managed to put together 30 different craft kits.  They may have been cross-stitch or punchneedle or penny rug kits.  I guess whatever was suiting my fancy at the time.

In fact, over on my "The Book Review Corner" blog the number of craft kits reviewed has far exceeded the number of books I've reviewed.  Maybe I should change the name to "The Craft Kits Review Corner!" LOL LOL

Nah....  I like "the Book Review Corner" name just fine.

However, I guess I'd better start reviewing more books.

Now that's a good New Year's resolution for that blog.

Let's see if I can achieve it during 2011.

Cross your fingers.

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