Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Gotta Love Cross-Stitch Ornaments

I think if I tell you any more about some of  the cross-stitch kits I made this past year you'll want to strangle me! LOL LOL Well, maybe not strangle me, but say, "Linda, enough is enough." I know that's what my Mother would say.

But, I just have to tell you about another cross-stitch kit I bought and made this year as it contained 6 adorable Santa and snowmen ornaments.  They're shown in the collage pictures above.

Aren't they adorable?  I know you'd like to say that they are, but you're afraid if you do then I'll have even more cross-stitch kits to tell you about! LOL LOL  Not to worry.  This time I promise it's the last cross-stitch kit I'm going to tell you about for awhile.

I had both the kit last Spring and written about all the cross-stitch kits I had purchased in a post on my "The Book Review Corner" blog entitled "Cross-Stitch Kits I Bought This Spring." The Santa and Snowman ornaments kit was one of the few cross-stitch kits I was able to complete this past summer.

I know enough is enough. but don't the pictures below just make you smile?

They certainly make me smile and given the year my family and I have had that is no small feat.

I hope you all have a happy, "healthy" and peaceful 2011.

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