Monday, August 02, 2010

Here's An Idea - Terracotta Painted and Stenciled Pot Decorations

As you probably know Fall is one of my favorite seasons so it should come as no surprise that I'd be looking for different ways to decorate for the upcoming Fall season.

Whether it's decorating with dolls, floral arrangements, or wood crafts I just love decorating - especially when it comes to decorating my sun-room for the different seasons.

The reason this is so much fun for me is because I've now limited the seasonal decorations in my home to a couple places in the house.  I used to try and decorate every room for every season, but that was getting to be a lot of work.  And, I just didn't have the time for it.  So, I've been limiting the decorations to a few areas - which I'm very happy with. 

Well, several years ago I was looking for something different to decorate my sun-room and thought that maybe I should paint some of the terracotta pots I had bought on one of my many shopping trips. And, I had bought a few - well, make that A LOT!

I don't know why I'm always drawn to the terracotta aisle of the craft store, but I am.  I just love all the different sizes of the terracotta and love experimenting with different ways to use them.  And use them I have.

Whether its terracotta bride and groom wedding shower favors, or baby boy and baby girl terracotta baby shower favors, or a terracotta bunny head for Easter - I just LOVE creating with the terracotta pots.

My favorites to use are the little mini pots and I've used many of them in the different craft projects I've done as well.

Right now I have 5 patterns that I've designed featuring terracotta type dolls (if you could call something with a terracotta body a doll!)

There's my "It's Me, Ginny" bunny, my "I Do! Terra Jane" bride favor, my "I Do! Terra Joe" groom favor,  my "It's a Girl! Terra Head" baby shower favor, and my "It's A Boy, Terra Head" baby shower favor.

They are all fun and easy to make.  The bride and groom patterns are part of our "Wedding Shower Favor" group and the boy and girl are part of our "Baby Shower Favor" group of pattern.  If you'd like to order any of these patterns just click on their pictures.

In any event,  this time I was looking at the standard pot size terracotta pots I had and thought they might make cute decorations for the Fall. I was thinking that I could paint them and stencil them with seasonal decorations - starting with the upcoming Fall season.

So, I decided that a shopping trip to the craft store (like I need any excuse to go to the craft store! LOL LOL) was in order to buy the paint and some stencils.

Well, it turned out to be a wonderful shopping trip as I found many Provo Craft First Impressions rub-on stencils that I liked and could use for the various seasons.

Of course, like everything I do, I never do anything in moderation.  As a result I had many, many pots to decorate with which meant I had lots of paint and stencils to buy.

To my delight the stencil aisle was filled with all sorts of rub-on stencils that I could use for my pots - and use them all I did.

There were scarecrows and snowmen and flowers and Santa's and .....- well, just about everything for every season. There were borders and sayings that I could combine with my pictures.The possibilities were endless.

My mind was thinking of so many possibilities at once that I couldn't keep everything straight. I wasn't sure what I was putting with what. It didn't matter anyway - that was part of the fun.

So, of course, I bought a bunch of the rub-on stencils. I figured if I had any extra's I could always use the stencils on something else. That's what I told hubby when he saw how many I actually had! LOL LOL

In any event, first I decided which pot I was going to use and then decided which stencils I would be using.  The stencils would be driving the paint color so I needed to decided on them first.  And, of course, I was drawn to the Fall stencils and Fall colors. 

I ended up making a bunch of painted terracotta pots for all four seasons and even had some for the various holidays.  When I was done I had a bunch of decorations that I could use and a bunch that I could give as gifts. 

I had originally thought of using some of my painted pots for some of my household plants, but gave up that idea as I would have to change the pots out for each season and I just didn't want or didn't have time for that.  So, I decided to use the pots to hold potpourri or ornies appropriate for the season or holiday in question.

Pictured in this post are two of the painted terracotta pots I did for the Fall.  In the pictures they're empty, but I fill them with potpourri for the Fall season.  My rooms smell great and they're wonderfully decorated for the Fall.

All in all I was pleased with the results.  Painted and stenciled terracotta pots for all seasons and holidays - now that's a good idea.

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