Saturday, August 22, 2009

Well, Have You Seen Her? Have You Seen YoVille Linda's New Outfit?

Well, Have You Seen Her? Have You Seen YoVille Linda's New Outfit?

"Oh, My!" "Doesn't she look lovely, Doris?" Patience asked Doris.

"Well, yes she does, Patience," Doris Marie replied. "She looks lovely indeed! What is she all dressed up for?"

"Well, I'm not sure, Doris Marie, but I think she's got a date."

"A date?" Doris Marie responded. "Hmmmmm..... But, she doesn't have any male friends in YoVille. Where would she meet someone?"

"Well, I'm not sure," Patience said. "Maybe, one of her YoVille friends set her up on a blind date."

"Well, that's possible, Patience. Maybe she did."

Well, what Doris Marie and Patience didn't know was that YoVille Linda had been secretly been using Linda's computer late at night and had become a member of one of the more popular website dating services. She had taped her video and had given them her profile information and was waiting to see who they would hook her up with. In the meantime she had bought a few new outfits and was trying each of them on to see which one she liked best as she was anticipating that she'd have a match soon.

She was hoping that she'd be matched with someone nice. Well mannered, intelligent, and with a good sense of humor. And, secretly she was hoping that he would be good looking. Not that looks were all that important, but, they certainly would sweeten the pot.

YoVille Linda just didn't want Linda to know that she was hoping for a good looking guy. Linda would tell her that looks were not important. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What counts is what's on the inside and whether or not he was a good person. Looks were secondary. Yada, yada, yada....

YoVille Linda knew that. It was just that she was going to have to look at this person from a flat dimension forever so she might as well enjoy the view. What's so wrong with that? After all his image on the computer screen had no dimension. Just a flat front and flat back image. If that's what she had to look at all day, she'd at least like it to be attractive. So, she secretly had her fingers crossed that he'd be good looking. Just don't tell anyone that - especially Linda.

In the meantime she was trying out her teal blue dress and shoes. So, what do you think - do you like her new outfit?

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