Monday, August 10, 2009

I Was In Crafting Heaven - Versus Sewing Heaven!

Two weeks ago I was in crafting heaven - versus sewing heaven. You see, I had previously been in sewing heaven when I was crafting my Santa for the Cloth Doll Artistry Santa Challenge.

Two weeks ago I was in crafting heaven for the Halloween Challenge of the Cloth Doll Artistry Crafts Studio.

If you'd like to know what the Halloween Challenge involved I'd previously posted about it in a post entitled "Having Some Halloween Fun!"

Now, of course, I can't show you my entry. I will when the winners are announced sometime after Halloween. Suffice to say I had a delightful time crafting away and was able to combine several different crafts - that I love to do. 

I can't tell you what those are, but I can tell you since it was for the CRAFTS Studio it wasn't a doll. 

Now, that's a surprise all by itself! 

What it is will have to remain a secret - for now!

Just know that I was in crafting heaven and couldn't be happier!

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