Friday, January 05, 2007

Yet Some More Projects From This Year - This Time It's Cards

In a previous post entitled "I Just Love These Cards" on my Linda's Blog I told you about some "Quilt-A-Cards" kits that my mother and I had found at a sewing and expositions show we had gone to one spring.

I decided that this year that I would finally make some of those "Quilt-A-Cards" as some of the handmade gifts that I would be giving to different family members this holiday season. The "Quilt-A-Cards" are from a website called "Paper Creations and Atlas Coffee Mill" and it is at .

The cards are basically paper stock cards that you zig-zag embroider fabric onto to create a specific design. Then you add various other decorations either by sewing them on or gluing them on.

Here are some of my results:

The last time I gave some of these as gifts to my sister she told me that they were just to nice to send to anyone else. She wanted to keep them for herself. That's okay if she likes them that much.

Maybe this year some of them might actually be used as intended and sent out in the mail. Wouldn't that be exciting.

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