Thursday, January 25, 2007

Linda's Dolls and Craft Book Review Series - Book #5 Sewing & Sculpting Dolls

If you are familiar with me and my Linda Walsh Originals website then you know that I am a cloth doll maker and doll pattern designer. You also know that I love dolls of any kind, shape, or size. It doesn't matter if they are plain, elaborately costumed, ugly (sometimes the uglier the better), made of wood, cloth or clay, or even paper. It doesn't matter if they have faces or are faceless. They can be boys, girls, animals, creatures, ghosts, goblins, witches, angels, etc. It doesn't matter to me. I just love dolls.

Well, several years ago I bought a delightful book on cloth doll making by Eloise Piper. It was for making dolls from cloth, modeling paste, and polymer clay. But, what caught my eye was that it looked like it would be a "fun" book with a "sense of humor" contained within.

The books title is Sewing and Sculpting Dolls: Easy-To-Make Dolls from Fabric, Modeling Paste, and Polymer Clay and the author is Eloise Piper. Eloise is an artist, teacher, and doll maker.

"Sewing & Sculpting" Chapter One starts with information, patterns, and examples for sewing and making the basic rag doll body. Throughout the pages are whimsical doll illustrations to delight you as you read through it. Basic doll design is followed by customizing the basic pattern, then body proportions. And, of course, all the pages have the whimsical doll illustrations.

In Chapter Two you learn about materials and processes. Here you might learn about doll making materials, tea staining, spatter painting, gessoing, painting, crackling, stain buffing, needle sculpting, sculpting with modeling paste, and sculpting with polymer clay. You also learn about additional surface embellishing techniques.

In Chapter Three you get instructions for making plain and fancy dolls using the basic doll body pattern that Eloise provides. You can make plain Amish children, play pals, fancy dolls, creating a wig, and sewing the basic wardrobe.

Chapter Four is for the intermediate doll maker and is titled "Dolls of a New Dimension." It includes intermediate cloth doll projects with sculpted modeling paste faces. It is a wonderful chapter with details and pictorials throughout.

Chapter Five is for the advanced doll maker and has advanced doll projects for cloth bodied dolls with polymer clay heads, feet, and hands. It, too, is a wonderful chapter with pictures of some of Eloise's finished dolls.

All throughout the book you are presented with whimsical drawings and caricatures. Each and every one is delightful and is what makes this book so much fun to read. For the cloth doll making enthusiast there is a lot to learn in Elosie's Sewing and Sculpting Dolls: Easy-To-Make Dolls from Fabric, Modeling Paste, and Polymer Clay book. If you're just starting out making cloth dolls or are an intermediate or advanced doll maker Elosie's "Sewing & Sculpting Dolls" is a great book to have.

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