Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sometimes It Works - And, Sometimes It Doesn't!

Anyone who has ever created a doll knows that "sometimes it works - and, sometimes it doesn't!" Well, yesterday I had one of those "sometimes it doesn't work" days.

I don't know if i mentioned this, but I'm in the middle of sewing the dolls for all 150+ of my new designs.


Yes, I do like to do things in large quantities. First I design for days on end. Then I cut-out the dolls for days on end. Then I sew all the bodies and clothes for days on end. Then I put all the dolls together - which I absolutely love to do - for days on end. Then I create the e-pattern for days on end. And, finally I add the new doll pattern to my website for days on end.

Some designers do it one doll at a time. I tend to go overboard (you think!!!!) and do large quantities at a time. That's me!

In any event, I had designed a a "sunshine type Annie" on paper and thought she'd make a cute, sunny doll. Everything was going fine until it came to embroidering her face. I thought I might give her blue eyes - MISTAKE. She looked like a - I don't know - a monster of some sort. Certainly not friendly.

So, I ripped the blue eyes out, drew new eyes that I liked on paper, and changed them to match on the doll. Now they were black and, sort of, looked okay. I wasn't sure they were an improvement, but I told myself to relax and wait to see what she looked like with her hair.

Well, I had intended her hair to be spiked, but didn't like it when it came to adding it to her head. She kind of looked like a "zombie." So, I changed it to using a multi-colored angora yarn that I added to her head in a kind of "loopy" fashion.

Hair wise she kind of looks like a "Gibson" girl, except she still looks - well, not sunny. More like - a "Gibson" girl type zombie. Her eyes are better, but she'd definitely scare my grandchildren.

So, I decided to make her primitive and coffee stained her last night.

Why, primitive?

I don't know. Sometimes adding the coffee stain helps and sometimes you end up with the most beautiful coffee stained dolls. It's always a surprise with coffee-staining. You just never totally know how the doll will look until it's dried.

When I went to bed she was still drying and I haven't looked at her this morning. I'm afraid to.

Wonder what I'll find?


Primitive Gibson girl?

Gibson girl nightmare?

Primitive Gibson girl zombie doll?

Now that would definitely be a best seller - don't you think?

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