Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The Dolls Product Lines Series - Scarier Per Pound, David Halloween Ghost Doll

"Scarier Per Pound, David" is a happy ghost and a right proud "DAD GHOST." And, right now he has his "Baby" ghosts with him. They were born just a few days ago and are still just "infant ghost heads." The rest of their ghostly bodies will develop over time. For now, they're healthy "infant ghost heads" and "Scarier Per Pound, David" is very happy over that.

"Scarier Per Pound, David!" is a free-standing cloth and wood happy ghost. His arms are wire-shaped and covered. He has a square-bottomed body and covered rectangular wood base. His inner body is supported by a dowel and is covered by his squared–bottom body piece. He has a fabric covered and wire shaped head and embroidered face. He has a worn and shredded gown with gathered long sleeves, pinking sheared cut vest, and long fringed scarf. He is carrying a “Boo!” bag filled with 2 small baby wire-shaped ghost heads. Orange and black raffia is tied around his neck, his sleeves and his “Boo!” bag.

He might be named "Scarier Per Pound, David" but he us anything but. In fact, he'd be better suited to the name "Prouder Dad Per Pound, David.

"Scarier Per Pound, David" was the 2nd large wood and cloth doll that I designed and was named after my baby brother who is anything but "scarier per pound." In fact, he's just one big teddy bear.

Halloween Scarier Per Pound David Cut and Sew Ghost Doll

Ghost Collage Fabric - Halloween Custom Fabric Design

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