Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The Dolls Product Lines Series - “Call Me - Your Count Dracula! and Lady Amanda, The Mannerly Witch!”


Halloween is one of my favorite holidays as there are so many different types of decorations you can make.  I love making Victorian Halloween cloth dolls like witches, ghosts. Frankenstein, etc. but also love making unusual dolls, too.  If you do, too then you're going to love our Victorian “Call Me - Your Count Dracula! and Lady Amanda, The Mannerly Witch!” dolls.

Call Me - Your Count Dracula!

Now here's a handsome Victorian gentleman - don't you think? So what if he's "Count Dracula!" He's still dressed very chic and very much the Victorian Gentleman - don't you think? He's got the lace ascot, coordinating outfit, and marvelous hairdo. That makes him a wonderful Victorian Dracula - don't you think? What's the problem? Are the bloody fangs throwing you off? He's still kind of cute - don't you think? Come on now. Yo have to admit that he is rather debonair in his black and orange coordinated outfit! Why, he's suave, he's swank, he's charming and beguiling. He's "Call Me - Your Count Dracula!" and he just wants a wee small bit of your blood. Is that too much to ask?

"Call Me - Your Count Dracula!" is a 13" Victorian Dracula from our new Holiday Victorian line. Dracula is a self-standing Victorian gentleman cloth doll. He has an embroidered and watercolor pencil painted face with red painted fangs. He is wearing a multi colored and coordinating shirt with a stand-up collar. He has a lined orange vest with lapels and a button. His lace trimmed ascot matches his shirt and his black satin jacket is lined, top stitched, and has a collar, lapels and rolled up cuffs. His black satin cape is lined and top stitched as well and sits wonderfully above his shoulders. He's also sporting a lined and coordinating top hat. Dracula has a full head of thick wool yarn hair.

"Call Me - Your Count Dracula!" wants you to think he is a gentleman but his appearance says otherwise - don't you think?

Call Me Your Count Dracula Handmade Victorian Dracula Art Doll

“Call Me - Your Count Dracula!”, 13” Victorian Dracula Art Doll E-Pattern - Victorian Holiday Series - Pattern Category - Skill Level - Intermediate

Lady Amanda, The Mannerly Witch!

I think most witches will tell you that over the hundreds of years that they have gotten a really bad rap! You see, most people are afraid of witches and afraid that either a spell will be cast on them or they'll be turned into a toad! That is just NOT so for most witches. You see, most are gentle and kind. And, most are really very humanitarian. In fact, most are very polite and VERY well mannered. At least that's what "Lady Amanda, The Mannerly Witch!" tells us. She is anything but mean spirited and doesn't have a nasty bone in her body. Again, that's what she tells us!

In fact she loves life, loves people, kisses babies and loves everything and anything Victorian. So, she commissioned a whole bunch of Victorian outfits to be made for her. She figures that if she's going to be a Victorian witch then at least she should be stylish.

"Lady Amanda, The Mannerly Witch!" is a 14" Victorian witch from our new Holiday Victorian line. Lady Amanda is a self-standing witch cloth doll. She has an embroidered and watercolor pencil painted face. She is wearing a cotton slip with black fringe trim. Her beautifully coordinated outfit includes a fashionable dress with black lace overskirt and satin skirt, coordinated orange plaid dress bodice, ribbon bow tied at the high waistline, and lace trimmed sleeves. Her short waisted jacket is lined and has gathered and puffy lined sleeves. Her lined cape is made of black satin and drapes beautifully from her neck. She has a full head of thick and flowing gray mohair hair. Her witches hat is really anything but a true witches hat. It is a rounded black stain and lined bonnet with black lace trim, and 6 black lace and orange plaid bows and coordinated beautifully with her outfit.

Lady Amanda, is the epitome of stylishness. Or, at least she thinks she is. In fact, she'd argue with you that since the Queen made her a "Lady" with full title and benefits that she deserves respect. Of course, she'll never tell us who the "Queen" was that so endowed her with her "lady" title. The Queen of the witches perhaps? Hmmmm......

 Lady Amanda The Mannerly Witch Handmade Victorian Ghost Doll

“Lady Amanda, The Mannerly Witch!”, 14” Victorian Lady Witch Art Doll E-Pattern - Victorian Holiday Series - Pattern Category - Skill Level - Intermediate

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