Friday, April 07, 2017

Gotta Love Beautifully Hand-Dyed Alpaca Roving Multi Color Blender Packs From Rock Garden Alpacas

I can hardly wait to use this hand dyed alpaca roving that I got from Rock Garden Alpacas.  Look at all the beautiful colors.  I can imagine all sorts of needle felted fairies, flowers or pictures.  Can't you?

I have to admit I'm a little biased when it comes to this alpaca roving.  My sister and her husband are the owners of Rock Garden Alpacas.  My sister processes her alpaca roving and creates amazing natural roving packs, hand dyed multi-colored roving packs (like those shown above), handspun alpaca yarn, and handspun and hand dyed alpaca yarn.  If you'd like to learn ore about my sister's alpaca farm please click here.  If you'd like to learn more about her alpaca fiber products please click here for her blog or click here for her RockGardenAlpacas Etsy shop.

Here's what Deb had to say about her alpaca roving:

Hand dyed and natural color mill processed alpaca roving for all your felting projects. BIG "Blender" pack includes 24 assorted colors that have been hand dyed, using professional acid based dyes. Roving was braided together and then hand dyed a single color. When the braid was undone this created varying shades of the color throughout the roving - Fantastic for blending color into your projects. The braided rovings were left in the dye pot until all dye was exhausted and then rinsed a minimum of 3 times to reduce bleed thru. Amounts of roving supplied for each color vary. Also included in the BIG "Blender" Pack are 8 natural colors - lesser amounts are supplied of each of these rovings. This pack contains 32 colors equaling 3+ ounces in fiber weight.

This hand packaged and assembled package of alpaca roving comes from prime blanket fleece of various alpacas with different grades of fiber; perfect for all your needle felting or wet felting projects. As stated above all fibers have been rinsed at least a minimum of 3 times to remove any possible excess dye; however, please test as you may experience a small amount of bleed when you wash or wet the fiber for the first time; especially darker color dyes.

All products are processed and stored in pet free/smoke free environments.

Deb's hand-dyed alpaca roving multi colored blender packs can be purchased on her Etsy shop here.

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