Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Dolls Product Lines Series - Benjamin Cross My Heart

"Benjamin - Cross My Heart" is always making promises he can’t keep. He always says he’ll be around forever but every spring he’s gone.

He has a mass of white/gray hair on the top of his head that sticks straight up. He is free standing and has a warm & natural body with an embroidered face, lined coat with four pockets, two fringed scarves around his neck, and a large bow. He is coffee stained throughout.

Benjamin's sister, "Isabell Cross My Heart", is forever telling "Benjamin Cross My Heart" not to make promises he can't keep. But, he keeps doing it and, every time, come Spring, all his friends are disappointed. It seems Benjamin will never learn.

“Benjamin - Cross My Heart” Primitive Snowman Shelf Sitter Doll E-Pattern 

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