Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Sometimes It Pays To Never Throw Anything Away

Sometimes it pays not to throw something away.

At least, that's the rule, for a crafter.

You just never know what you may need for some future creation.

At least, that's what I keep telling myself as I'm running out of craft space.

In any event, in a previous Linda's Blog post entitled "What Was Once A Beautiful Natural Arrangement Became A Beautiful Silk Floral Arrangement" I told you about a trip to Michaels and my buying more silk floral than I needed for a silk floral arrangement I wanted to re-create.

And, remember I told you I had more than one silk floral arrangement in mind...

Well, I had decided that I wanted to make another Christmas silk floral arrangement that we could take out year, after year, after year using an adorable red and green striped ceramic base that was part of a beautiful natural floral arrangement that was given to me by my son-in-law and grandchildren for Christmas many years ago.

The base was large and was actually something that could be used as a cookie jar as it even came with a red and green striped cover.

I had saved it all these years as I thought it would make a fabulous base for a Christmas silk floral arrangement. Remember, I said you just never know when something could be useful for a current creation.

Well, this was the right time to put that base to good use as I had more than enough silk floral to create the Christmas bulb arrangement I wanted to re-create and to create a fabulous arrangement using this base.

The base was rather large so I knew I needed a lot of silk floral sprigs. Plus, you know how I like my silk floral arrangements to be full.

Well, I ended up using all the silk floral I had bought at Michaels so everything had been put to good use - even though some of the floral sprigs were at full price.

I was pleased with the arrangement.

Hubby thought the arrangement was absolutely beautiful.

And, my son-in-law thought the arrangement looked beautiful.

And, a ceramic base from years ago became a sentimental keepsake.

See - it pays to never throw anything out.......

I need more craft space......

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