Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Emperor Has No Clothes!

Last Sunday was shearing day at at Rock Garden Alpacas.     

What this means for the alpacas is they get all their fiber shaved off.  

This is fabulous news for all of us waiting to see what the new season of fiber will bring and bad for the alpacas as they loose their clothes.       

 Until their fiber starts to grow back they're basically naked.  

However, this is really good for them coming into the hot summer months. 

They're a lot cooler without those heavy coats on.    

And, by shearing them at this time of the year it allows plenty of time for their coats to grow back.

After the shearing the fiber gets sorted and organized in piles as to where it's going.     

The "blankets" may be sent to the shows or processed, the 2nd and 3rd groups may be processed into roving, or may be  shipped off to the fiber banks, or cleaned and then processed and dyed or turned into batts by my sister. 

From the pictures I have to say that the fiber looks really, really good.   

Maybe some of it in one form or another will end up at the post office for "big" sister.  Hint! Hint!   

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