Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Eye Candy For The Soul

It's always nice when in the middle of a somewhat blah day you get pleasantly surprised. It's equally as nice when it's something that lifts your spirits.

As I was getting ready to take an afternoon walk with hubby several days ago I walked into the kitchen and saw my darling hubby standing there beaming.

Right next to him was a HUGE bouquet of flowers. And, I do mean HUGE!

They were beautiful, glorious, stunning, exquisite and, quite literally, took my breath away. If I had been in a somewhat blah mood before seeing them I certainly wasn't after that.

Not only were the colors absolutely beautiful, but and the size of the lilies and daisies were astounding.

They were amazing. A wonderful example of the beauty of nature.

Something that cannot be replicated. Something that has the ability to change ones mood, ones frame of mind, to lift them up. To fill the air with a sweet scent of nature.


And something hubby and I have been pleasantly enjoying for several days on end.

I don't think the pictures really do them justice. You can't really tell from the pictures how beautiful and BIG they were.

Of course, to a flower lover (which I certainly am) there is nothing quite as beautiful as the sheer elegance of a flower. And, there is nothing quite as wonderful as being pleasantly surprised. Especially when that surprise has the ability to change ones mood. To make everything seem possible.

Even though the natural beauty of cut flowers can only be enjoyed for a few short days they are still beautiful to behold.

They are quite literally - eye candy for the soul.

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  1. Absolutely beautiful!!!! I'm jealous---