Monday, July 18, 2011

Cosmo Is Here With His Floppy Ears!

Well, I'm an Aunt once again. This time it's a baby boy - a baby boy alpaca that is! His name is COSMO and he is just adorable.

He decided at 11:30 P.M. on Saturday that he was ready to enter this world and so he did.

He is the first alpaca baby for my sister's alpaca Sunflower. And, given that it was her first - well, she was a little shy about nursing him with people watching. She wanted a little privacy. Can you blame her?  So, it took awhile for everyone to determine that she was nursing him okay.

It seems COSMO is going to be a little different. At least for now.  He has floppy ears which I think make him adorable looking.

According to my sister some alpacas are born with floppy ears, but they eventually change to the upright alpaca ears. As far as I'm concerned I LOVE his floppy ears. They just make him too cute for words.

Congratulations, Sunflower on the birth of your first child.  Cosmo is here with his adorable floppy ears.

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