Saturday, July 09, 2011

A Baby Alpaca Named Zinnia

I'm a proud Aunt!!!! My sister had a baby.  Well, let me clarify that.  She didn't have a baby.  Her alpaca Ivy had a baby yesterday and it was the first alpaca born for my sister and her husband.  

So, I just had to show you the first pictures of baby "Zinnia." 

Her mother is Ivy and she is one of the two alpacas that my sister and her husband recently purchased. This Spring they decided to go into Alpaca farming and purchased two alpacas back in April.  One is named Ivy and the other one is named Sunflower. Both were pregnant and due to give birth in July. Ivy gave birth yesterday and Sunflower is due to give birth in two weeks.

In the picture above Zinnia is two hours old and already adorable. When my sister first saw her she fell in love with her.  How could you not?  She's absolutely adorable.  I know my sister will have a hard time when it comes to selling her. But, that won't be for another three years or so.

Here's Mom and baby bonding in the field.

And, here she is standing just a few hours after her birth. When you look at the pictures above she's tiny. However, when you look at her standing next to her mother she looks huge. Poor Ivy!!! Where did she put her?

Zinnia was Ivy's first birth and according to my sister she will be bred again with another alpaca in a couple of weeks, Poor Ivy! 

She just gave birth and already she's set to breed again.  Talk about no rest for the females! Poor Ivy!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures.

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