Thursday, November 25, 2010

I've Been Playing, Again! This Time With A Personalized Card Website

If you're a reader of my Linda's Blog and have been following me and all my blogs (yes, I do have a few! LOL LOL) you are well aware that I love to play and experiment. Especially when it comes to interactive websites. 

Well, on November 2nd I received an email from Krystal at ( asking me if I'd like to review their website and products.  It seems she had seen my blog post about the fall decorations I had created and thought I might appreciate trying a card website where you basically get to build beautiful and personalized greeting cards. 

So, given my love of playing I thought I'd try it out.  Well, the other day, I decided to play and try out their website.  I have to tell you that this took me awhile, not because the website was hard to maneuver.  To the contrary it was very easy to maneuver.  It took awhile because they have hundreds - no, make that thousands, of cards for every occasion, every holiday, and just about anything else you might want to send a card for. 

You can choose from some of their designs and just add one of your photo's, or choose one of their designs and add your own words, or choose one of their designs and add both a photo and your words.  The words you add can be short or multiple paragraphs depending on the format you choose.  There are six different formats for personalizing your card depending upon where you want your photo and words to appear. 

Plus, for everyone who has a hectic schedule and very little time (like me) you can have your return address printed on your envelopes for no extra charge.  That's a great time saver and deal all by itself.  However, the best time saver is you can create an address book in your account and then they will print the addresses on your envelopes for you.  They'll even add stamps for you or better yet - they'll mail your cards for you (once you've paid for the stamps in the checkout process).  For everyone with busy schedules that's a terrific option. 

I decided to create some holiday cards in a couple of different versions and to create some holiday gift tags.  I didn't have time to create an address book so I could have them printed on my envelopes, but I'm going to do that during the year so next Christmas I'll be in terrific shape. 

What's also great about this website is they also offer a volume discount for ordering multiple cards.  So, you can personalize just one card or create multiple cards.  Plus, you can save your designs in your account and return to them to edit or order them on your own schedule. 

I created, personalized, and saved some business thank you cards and birthday cards in my account that I may order sometime in the future.  After you have saved your cards you can then go back and edit them and/or add them to you cart when you're ready to order.  I did notice that from time to time when I went back to add my saved cards to my order that they didn't always show the picture I had chosen in the preview process.  This only happened with the saved cards and not ones that are created and added to the checkout process initially or when you go back to edit a card from your cart.  I'm not sure if this was due to the browser I was using (Google Chrome) or just a snag in their saved card process.  In any event it was no big deal to go back and add the picture again or just go back to my cart and chose the edit link before checking out. 

For those of you that are designers you can submit designs to them for their consideration.  Plus if you want to become an affiliate of they also offer an affiliate program with Commission Junction. 

I found to be very easy to use and was pleased with the large variety of their design selections.  They have photo cards for every occasion and event, invitations, thank you cards, birthday cards, everyday cards, encouragement cards, humorous cards, friendship cards, get well cards, sympathy cards, anniversary cards, congratulations cards, moving announcements, wedding cards, graduation cards, flat cards, folded cards, business cards, and even stationary.  With all that to choose from I hope you can understand why it took me awhile to peruse thru their website. 

So, I decided to order some Christmas cards and did so the other day.    I'll let you know how they turn out. 

I hope you enjoy your 20% discount. 

If you'd like to check out their holiday cards please go to If you'd like to check out their photo cards please go to

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