Sunday, March 08, 2009

What A Wonderful World It Really Is!

If anyone were to ask me what my favorite song was I would have to say Louis Armstrong's "What A Wonderful World!"

In fact, during the last few months I have been searching through YouTube for video's with songs that I like and had been looking at some of the Louis Armstrong video's in particular. I didn't see the one that is shown below when I was searching YouTube. I saw this one posted on Lisa Plummer's "Groggy Froggy" blog and just had to post it here as it is really too adorable for words. Thank you so much Lisa for posting this for us all to enjoy.

I'm going to email this to my family as I just think it's such a sweet video and I know they'll all enjoy it.

I hope you enjoy the video. What a WONDERFUL WORLD it really is.