Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Nana - Look At My Hair!

My grandson "Noodles" and I have had this ongoing discussion for several years now about his hair. You see, he was blessed with a full head of thick curly hair. I just LOVE all his curls and think he has the most wonderful head of hair that you ever could imagine. I would LOVE to have his hair.

I, unfortunately was born with fine and straight hair. It doesn't even know the meaning of the word curl. Even if I tried to curl it my hair would revolt and revert back to it's fine, straight nature.

As a result of my love of my grandson's hair I'm always after his Dad not to cut his hair. To just let it grow.

Sometimes "Noodles" wins the "don't cut my hair" battle with his Dad and sometimes he doesn't. This time - he won. He wouldn't let his Dad cut his hair until he had shown Nana how long it had gotten on Christmas Eve.

What he didn't know was that I had cut a picture out of one of my magazines of a famous good looking young man with an incredible head of long, curly hair - who just happens to have the same name as my grandson and sings in a rock band.

When he came in on Christmas Eve he ran over and said, "Nana look at my hair!"

I couldn't believe how long it had gotten and told him that I loved all the curls. I also told him that he was a "good-looking guy" and took out the picture I had cut out and said, "See - he's a famous rock singer. Look at his terrific head of curly hair. Now that's a good looking guy, too!"

Of course, he's no where near as good looking as my grandson who is shown below with his twin cousins. The twins, like their Mom and Dad, were both blessed with full heads of terrific thick straight hair. Lucky guys that they are. Now if I'm going to have straight hair while couldn't I at least have been blessed with a full head of thick straight hair?

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