Tuesday, June 24, 2008

What's Been Happening On "The Book Review Corner" Blog?

Not too many things can equal my love of dolls and crafting, but reading does.

I just love books and if you're a reader of my "The Book Review Corner" blog you know that I can spend hours upon hours browsing through books in the bookstore.

While I love Internet book browsing nothing can compare to the real thing. Holding a book in your hand and browsing through the pages. Ah.... heaven.

The only complaint I have about bookstore browsing is I wish all the books were at eye level. At my age bending down to see the books on the bottom shelf is a little difficult.

Of course, if everything were at eye level they'd need an enormous bookstore to hold all the book shelves. Lets just say that's never gonna happen! Hey, aging baby boomer's can dream can't they?

So, I was thrilled when I finally had some time to review some more of the wonderful books I had bought last year for my "The Book Review Corner" blog.

Two of the books I reviewed lately I just LOVE and keep going back to them to read them over and over. Part of the reason I love them so much is they're both filled with history and filled with stunning creations. That's for future Linda's Blog posts - so stay tuned.

I'm always getting off track - aren't I? In any event, we have reviewed a bunch of books since the last time we told you what's been happening at "The Book Review Corner" blog, and they are as follows:

Artful Paper Dolls
Cloth Dolls From Ancient To Modern
Pat Winter Gatherings

Summertime is when you can catch up on your reading and I plan to do a ton of it this summer. There's nothing like sitting on your porch with a glass of ice tea and perusing a book. Ah....heaven, once again.

I'm planning on reading a lot of books this summer and will be reviewing each and every one of them. So, please check back often to "The Book Review Corner" blog. We have a lot of books to tell you about.

More iced tea - anyone!

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