Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Gotta Love Those BIG Dolls!

I may have mentioned that I love dolls! Ya think!!!!

I love just about every size and shape doll, but I do seem to have a preference for BIG dolls and woodcraft's. By BIG I mean 3, 4, or even 5 foot dolls or woodcraft's.

I love displaying the 3' or larger dolls and woodcraft's around my house during the various seasons and holidays. We have all the seasons covered and all the holidays, too.

It might be a large bear displayed, a sitting scarecrow, a sitting Uncle Sam, a large Santa, tall Santa and Mrs. Claus pair, a sitting bunny, a scarecrow on a pedestal, or even a large turkey. It could even be a large moose or BIG bunny.

Whether its a large doll standing in my sun room or on display in my hall I just love them. Sometimes its a self-sitter sitting on a pedestal in the corner of my kitchen.Sometimes it's a Frankenstein waiting for the kids on Halloween. You never know what I might decide to display or where I might place them.

Wherever they may be they are always a delight to see. And, each time I see one I can remember cutting the wood with hubby and putting the dolls together.

Whether I was painting them or gluing them or sewing their outfits I always seemed to enjoy them. My large dolls are a favorite of my husband and I and were made specifically to display around the house. I also suspect they are the favorites of some of my relatives.

One of my favorite BIG dolls that I made for my house is a bear that I named "Harry."

He's a 36" bear made from a Design Farm pattern and he is so cute you just want to hug him.

Right now he is proudly displayed in my front hall. He stands there quietly surveying all that is going on in our house. Harry never makes a fuss or disturbs anyone. He's just there to watch and observe.

One of the best things about a lot of the BIG dolls is that they are wearing some of my Grandson's baby clothes. So, when I look at the dolls it always brings back fond memories of my Grandson as a baby. They are what I consider to be sentimental keepsake crafts.

Harry is wearing my Grandson's baby jeans. If you look closely you can see the diaper snaps that run along the inside legs. Harry doesn't need to have a diapers changed - my Grandson definitely did.

Harry is also wearing one of my Grandson's thermal tops. His vest is lined and decorated with 3 triangle top pockets with buttons. It is also decorated with a tree with cotton puffs for snow and embroidered with zigzag stitching all along the edges.

He is wearing a large lined hunters cap with ear flaps. Harry's body is made of wood covered with flush felt. His feet are made from my brother's old white socks embroidered with DMC floss for ties. Harry's face is embroidered and he has large brown animal eyes and a lighter color plush felt for his snout and the inside of his ears.

I just love the expression on Harry's face. Sometimes he appears sad to me and sometimes he appears happy. You never know. I think he's just happy to be out and on display. I think I'll go and give him a BIG hug.

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