Sunday, April 01, 2007

Nana - I NEVER Joke About CASH!


The statements that come out of the mouths of my Grandchildren always amaze me. Especially those that come out of the mouth of my Grandson " Nicky Noodles." But, sometimes you just have to keep yourself from bursting out laughing.

My Grandson and I were talking on the phone a few weeks ago about Easter and his First Communion. I, of course, asked him what he wanted for those two events and he immediately said "CASH!" "CASH!" I replied, "You're joking, right?" and he said, "Yes, Nana - I want CASH!"

I, of course started to laugh and replied, "You really are joking, right?" To which he said, "Nana, I NEVER joke about "CASH!" This out of the mouth of a seven year old.

My immediate reaction was "you're just like your Grandfather!" In fact, he's probably a chip off the old block. Maybe even a miniature version of his Grandfather! Heaven help all of us! (Just joking, dear!)

In any event, I decided that we would give him what he wanted for both of these events. However, I decided that I wanted to given him a "stash of cash" for his First Communion so I sent his Grandfather to the bank to get a bundle of 100 one dollar bills. I wanted the envelope with his First Communion card in it to be THICK. Just to see what his reaction was. I was going for the the "visual" effect that he would always remember.

After his First Communion was over I told him that we had a present for him and handed him a THICK envelope. He looked at the envelope and then looked at me with "HUGE" eyes and said, "Nana, is that all C-A-S-H in there?" I replied, " Well, you'll just have to open it up and see." So he ran over to a chair to sit down and open his envelope.

Well, I thought his eyes couldn't get any bigger, but they did. He couldn't contain his excitement when he say this HUGE "STASH OF CASH" and immediately ran over to his Father and said, "Dad, I'm RICH. I'm a millionaire!"

I, of course, padded myself on the back as the "visual" had the desired effect that I had wanted. My Grandson was thrilled with his Grandparents and had to show everyone what he'd gotten.

I was happy my Grandson was thrilled and hoped it would be an event he would never forget.

Perhaps, he might do the same in the future with one of his Grandchildren. I hope he does. But, then again, there's that statement, "Nana - I NEVER joke about "CASH!" Hmmmmmm..... Perhaps not.

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