Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Something Has To Be Done About Him!

Since I'd started to write the dolls' stories on my blogs I thought everything was quiet and calm in "The Dollie Storage Room." Little did I know another storm was brewing - and it had to do with my HUSBAND!

I had been merrily blogging away on my computer when I suddenly noticed a piece of blue stationary underneath my computer keyboard. I didn't know what it was or why it was there. So, I pulled it out.

It was a neatly folded piece of stationary that was handwritten in the most beautiful calligraphy that you'd ever want to see. It was addressed "Confidential - To Linda - For Your Eyes Only!" Hmmmm.......

Several thoughts were running through my mind. What was this about? Who sent it? And, where did they learn to do write such beautiful calligraphy?

So, I opened the stationary. Inside was a note to me that simply said:

Something must be done about him!
About the curmudgeon!
He has gone too far this time and is carrying conservation to the extreme!
We don't want to, but we may have to take this to the "SPCD!"
Please help us!

I was curious on several counts. Not as to who the curmudgeon was - I knew who that was.
But, I was curious for several reasons. Who had written the note in beautiful calligraphy? Whose stationary was that and where did they get it? What fragrance did they use to create such a wonderful smelling piece of paper? And, what was the SPCD?

I wasn't as worried about their demands or what the issue was since I knew who the curmudgeon was and I was sure if it involved him - it wasn't good.
So, I decided to wait a few more days to see if there would be another note.
I went back to blogging.


  1. So who was it?

  2. Oh, Niki - you'll have to wait until my next post to find out. LOLOLOLOLOLOL Stay tuned.