Sunday, February 12, 2006

Nana, Will You Make Me A Shirt?

I'm so glad the Christmas holiday season is finally over with and ALL my Christmas decorations are finally put away. It seems like that took forever to do between the snow storms and my Linda Walsh Originals website. But, before I put Christmas 2005 to bed I wanted to tell you all a cute story about something that my 6 year old grandson said.

It was Christmas Eve and we had the family and all the grandchildren over for the day. After we had opened the presents and everyone was just kind of mulling around my 5 year old grandson came over to me and tapped me on the shoulder. I looked at him and he said, "Nana, could you make me a shirt!" I replied, "I'd love to Noodles (that's my name for him). I'll make you one sometime." Well, he replied, "No, Nana! I mean now, like right this very second." I responded, "How can I do that right now, Noodles?" and he replied,"Do it on your machine!" and pointed to my sewing machine.

At first I thought how can I explain to him all that would be involved in making him a shirt and why I couldn't do it right that very second. I decided he wouldn't understand that I needed fabric and would need to buy a pattern or would need to measure him to create a pattern. Then I'd have to cut it out and sew it, measure him, etc.

In his beautiful little mind Nana makes everything else so she could easily make him a shirt. So, I decided that instead of explaining why I couldn't do it right away that I'd hug him and give him a big kiss and tell him "OKAY! I'll try to do it in a minute!" Well, he was happy that I would and then he got distracted (which I knew he would) and was off to play with his presents. For me, I was left with a wonderful feeling that in my grandson's eyes there wasn't anything I couldn't do and that was a feeling I'd remember forever.

"Noodles" was off happy and content that Nana was going to make something special just for him. However, I know that at some point in time he's going to turn to me and say, "Nana, where's my shirt?" If I don't want to disappoint him I'd better get working on it.

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