Sunday, December 25, 2005

My First Linda Walsh Originals Print Ad

I am so excited. I have to tell all my Linda's Blog readers about it. My very first print ad for my Linda Walsh Originals website ran in the Folkart Square Coop ad of Mercantile Gatherings Winter Issue.

I'm so excited and so thankful to Annie at Folkart Square for giving my "Elmers Little Boy" ad such wonderful placement. Doesn't he look adorable? I'm so excited.... I just can't hide it ......(here I go with The Pointer Sisters song, again!) My first ad. I'm going to have to frame it. For posterity purposes, of course.

If you're a reader of my Linda's Blog you may remember that there is a lovely, heart-warming story behind the "Elmer's Little Boy" pattern that I posted previously. If you get a chance please read "The Story Behind Elmer's Little Boy" .

I'm also excited because my very first Business Directory ad also ran in the Mercantile Gatherings Winter issue. See, there I am in the lower right hand corner. That's me - Linda Walsh Originals in the Business & Website Directory of Mercantile Gatherings.

Mercantile Gatherings is a wonderful magazine. If you are a primitive crafter and don't have a subscription to this magazine then you should think about getting one. It's a wonderful primitive magazine that comes out 4X a year. It features various primitive locations, as well as listings and ads for many, many primitive and craft websites. Check it out sometime. I bet you'll like it. Come one! Try it, you'll like it! Now I sound like a cereal commercial?


  1. Congrats Linda!!! I can imagine how excited you must be!

  2. Thanks, NeeNee. I am so excited. Now lets hope it all translates into sales.