Thursday, November 26, 2020

My New Crafts Supplies For Crafting, Scrap-booking, Rubber Stamping, and Mixed Media Enthusiasts

Last year when I was creating some mixed media dolls and woodcraft's I found the need for a specific design for some stickers I wanted to include on my  mixed media creations and decided to create some of my own based on my own graphic designs.

Well, like everything else I do, designing some turned into designing many.  As a result I ended up creating all sorts of crafting supplies for my " Linda Walsh Originals Designs" galleries.

Each of the design categories for my galleries have a crafting supplies category and/or custom fabric designs category.  So far, I've created vinyl stickers, scrapbook paper, rubber stamps, paper stickers, wall decals, etc.  Hopefully, there will be more soon.

I hope you enjoy all  the crafting supplies and custom fabric designs I've created so far.  They are as follows:

Saturday, November 07, 2020

Christmas Is A Wonderful Time Of The Year - My New Whimsical Christmas Custom Product Designs

I love decorating my home all year for the various seasons and holidays as well as decorating for all sorts of parties. I especially love decorating for the Christmas holiday season.

So, creating Christmas whimsical designs for use with custom decoration products is right up my alley.

This year I decided to revise several of my whimsical Christmas designs.    I hope you enjoy my new whimsical Christmas holiday designs that are part of my " Linda Walsh Originals Designs Gallery" and hope they help you decorate for the Christmas holiday season.

The new designs and collections for my Linda Walsh Originals Designs Gallery are for my favorite decorating time of the year - Christmas.

Given how much I love to craft and decorate for the Christmas holiday I added several new Christmas custom fabric designs along with double sided scrapbook papers, rubber stamps, vinyl stickers in 5 different sizes, paper stickers, and wall decals.  

Think of the the yuletide crafting activities you can create with your kids using the different scrapbook papers, rubber stamps, and stickers I have in this collection.  

If you want to see all the crafts supplies I created for my Christmas category line just click on the link for the collection above.