Tuesday, August 08, 2017

The Dolls Product Lines Series - Chef Andy - Head Chef To The Stars Primitive Boy Doll

"Chef Andy - Head Chef To The Stars!" won't be cooking for the "STARS" today. You see, he and many other chefs are all getting ready for the "Emergency Worldwide Disaster Drill." They're job is to feed all the medical doctors, nurses, emergency personnel, patients, etc. Even the animals. Basically, everyone and anyone who needs to be fed. It's a tall order, but Chef Maurice can handle it. He figures that if he can handle a snooty, demanding "star" - he can handle anyone. Including a 5-star general. Well, maybe not the 5-star general. He or she might be a little intimidating. Everyone else - no sweat. 5-star generals? Hmmmmm.....

"Chef Andy - Head Chef To The Stars!" is a 17" primitive raggedy Andy cloth chef doll. He has a muslin body and embroidered face with black and white satin stitched eyes, red satin stitched nose, and an outline embroidered mouth with red stain stitched lips. His eyebrows are embroidered as are his eyelashes and he has rose blushed cheeks. His boots are black and cross-laced. Chef Andy has a mass of raggedy straight red yarn hair glued all over the top and back of his head. His puffy chef's cap is lined, has a center band and gathered puff top, and is attached to the top and back of his head. He is wearing a sleeveless tee short that is gathered at the neck. His chef pantaloons are puffy, tightly fasted at the knees and gathered at the waist. His double breasted and lined short waist chef's jacket sports 3 rows of 2 buttons each. He is carrying his favorite cooking book and trademark rolling pin.

"Chef Andy - Head Chef To The Stars!" has his hands cut out for him. Cooking for hundreds of thousands is no problem for Chef Andy. It's keeping the thousands of chef's under him in line and on time. Chef Andy knows that chef's have a tendency to spend too much time on their food creations and knows that during an emergency the idea is to get the food out there to feed the starving masses - not worry about if it looks appetizing and pretty on the plate. He can worry about the latter when he goes back to cooking for the "Stars" but, not when cooking for hungry 5-star generals. There are "stars" and there are the REAL 5- stars.

“Chef Andy - Head Chef To The Stars!”, 17” Primitive Andy Chef Doll E-Pattern - Occupation Series - Pattern Category - Skill Level - Beginner 

Chef Andy - Head Chef To The Stars - Handmade Primitive Chef

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