Sunday, September 14, 2014

I LOVE Surprise Packages In The Mail

Nothing puts a smile on my face quicker than getting a "surprise" package in the mail from my "baby" sister.  So, the other day when my sister called and asked if I got her package I said with a huge smile on my face - WHAT PACKAGE.  DID YOU SEND ME SOMETHING.

She, of course, said she did but wouldn't tell me right away what it was.  Siblings do have to torture each other this way for a little while before spilling the beans. So, she tortured me for a few minutes before she said it was some of her hand spun alpaca yarn.

I was thrilled to hear this as I, of course, had been dropping little hints or should say BIG hints for months now that some of her alpaca yarn would be put to good use in my house.  My sister had added some of her hand spun alpaca yarns to her Rock Garden Alpaca Fiber Etsy shop and I had my eye on several that I thought would be perfect for doll hair, woodland beards, Santa hair and beards, etc.

So, when she said she had sent a package of some of her yarns I was thrilled and could hardly wait for the mail to come.  When the package came it was filled with a wonderful assortment of Navajo plyed yarns that my sister had hand spun from her own Rock Garden Alpaca fibers.

I immediately had ideas for using all of it and actually put the gray one shown below (2nd from the right in the 1st row) to use that very day.

I thought it would be perfect for the spiky hair I needed for one of my new dolls - Spike A Peek (pictured below).

I ended up using all the gray yarn for his hair but was thrilled with the way it turned out.  Spiky and perfect.  I hope you would agree.

Of course, my sister's yarn can be used for so many other things that doll hair.  It's perfect for knitting, crocheting, mixed media crafts, fiber arts, needle felting, etc.

She also sells alpaca roving and alpaca fiber carded batts and I've used both for some of my needle felted art dolls like those shown below:

If you get a chance please check out her Rock Garden Alpaca Fiber Etsy shop for all her wonderful alpaca roving and hand spun yarn products.  You won't be disappointed.

Now if she would just send me some of that beautiful black alpaca plyed yarn with the royal blue Kidsilk Haze......

Maybe some of Ivy's beautiful roving plyed yarn with the beige Kidsilk haze........

Just kidding "baby" sister...... Or, am I?   Hmmmm.........

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