Thursday, April 17, 2014

One Of My Favorite Floral Arrangements

I've made hundreds of silk floral arrangements over the years and have to admit that some come out better than others. Some work out some don't. Some are just stunning color wise and some end up being re-done.  Some I don't like and some I just love.

The above is one of the latter. I created this floral arrangement several years ago and it has to be one of my favorites.

The reason is because it's a combination of silk floral stems and several dried and preserved floral stems I had purchased several years ago. It has dried and preserved eucalyptus stems, glittery garland sprigs, and navy blue dried bud stems.

The combination navy blue and natural basket and blue and silver wire ribbon bows are a good compliment for the colors of the arrangement.

Most of my floral arrangements these days are made with silk floral stems. I tend to prefer the natural look of dried floral versus silk floral but found that the dried floral just don't last.

I used to make them with dried floral many of which were fresh flowers from my gardens that I dried myself. They looked great for a while but didn't last and attracted moths so I gave up using them.

However, sometimes you can find some fabulous dried and preserved floral stems like the ones pictured above.

So far, they've lasted for several years and so far no moths. Cross your fingers it remains one of my favorites for many years to come. I'll let you know.

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