Monday, January 21, 2013

My “Will You Marry Me, Henri!”, 12” Victorian Groom Proposal Doll New E-Pattern

For several years now my younger brother has wanted me to make a groom doll to go along with all the Victorian "Lady" bridal dolls I had made for my sister-in-law. I kept putting it off as I didn't want to create a Victorian doll the same way my Victorian "Ladies" had been created. I wanted something different and hadn't quite decided what I wanted until this summer.

I decided that I wanted to create a Victorian gentleman doll that would be entirely bendable and be on one knee proposing to his lovely lady while holding her engagement ring.

The doll could be made either on one knee proposing, standing and proposing or sitting and proposing and would make a unique and beautiful way for someone to propose to someone else.

Can you imagine siting at a fancy restaurant with your boyfriend and having him present you with a doll on one knee holding your engagement ring? What an adorable way to ask someone to marry you.

Or, suddenly surprising you with this proposal doll at a family and friends gathering? How surprised would you be by that?

So, "Will You Marry Me, Henri!" was born.

Henri has been looking for the perfect way to ask his beautiful lady to marry him and decided that he'd follow the traditional way and propose to her on one knee this weekend. He had already spoken to her father and he had welcomed Henri into the family with open arms. He would be dressed in his finest outfit, be carrying her beautiful diamond engagement ring, and would propose to her in front of her family and friends. He was hoping she'd say, "Yes!"

Henri is a fully bendable 12" Victorian groom cloth doll with an embroidered and water-colored face. He is wearing his best Victorian satin suit with fully lined long black satin fabric jacket with folded back black check fabric lined collar and lapels adorned with buttons. His fancy white shirt is gathered at the neck and wrists and has a matching lace trimmed fancy ascot which is tied around his neck.

He is wearing black satin double cuffed pants that are gathered at the waist which is covered with a red satin cummerbund.

He has a full head of thick brown/gray roving hair underneath his matching black polyester fabric with black check lining hat which sits atop his head. His black polyester boots are criss-cross laced with black DMC embroidery floss for laces. His is bending down on one k nee is a proposal position and is holding his lovely ladies engagement ring. He is affixed to a wood stained doll stand.

Pattern includes instructions for making the wood stained stand and instructions for bending Henri on one knee and proposing, standing and proposing, or sitting and proposing.

Henri is hoping that his lovely lady will say, "Yes!" What do you think? Will she?

My Henri doll makes an adorable way to ask someone to marry you.

Designer - Linda Walsh Originals

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