Sunday, July 01, 2012

How Can You Not LOVE This Face?

How can you not LOVE a face like Masquerade's?  

He's my sister's newest addition to her Rock Garden Alpacas farm and is just adorable as far as I'm concerned. According to my sister, for an alpaca he's very theatrical and choosy as to whom he'll let pet him. I think he looks like he belongs in the "Phantom Of The Opera!"

And, I bet his fleece is just amazing with all the color combinations. I can envision using it for the beard and hair on a woodland type doll. What do you all think?

What I'd really like to do is make a little replica alpaca doll of him. However, before I can do that I have to hone my needle felting skills. It's on my massive "to-do" list. Perhaps in the Fall......

"So you're the new kid huh" - February 2012 With Cosmo

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  1. these are precious and the faces yep gotta love them.