Monday, April 16, 2012

My Artful Gathering CQ101 Kit Arrived - YIPPEE!

I've been going back and forth trying to decide which Artful Gathering classes I want to take.  Should I take one - should I take two - maybe three?  If I take two or three which ones should they be?  There are just so many wonderful classes I'd like to take, but I can't take all of them.  I might want to, but I can't.

I know for sure that I'm taking Pat Winter's Crazy Quilting CQ101 class. I'll be making that adorable crazy quilt purse you see in the picture at the beginning of this blog post.  The class description is below:

Crazy Quilting 101

Pat Winter 

Pat takes crazy quilting above and beyond the styles of the past creating wearable art that will leave you crazy for more! Be warned, this is not your grandmother's method for creating wall-hangings and bedspreads, and it is addictive. Pat will guide you through the steps for making your own unique Crazy Quilt Swing Purse. A class for all levels, you'll start with a quick and easy piecing method, basic embroidery stitches and silk ribbon embroidery that anyone can master. Pat also discusses embellishments, placement, sources to find unique stash builders and much more. 

I'm so excited. I can hardly wait.

Well, last week Pat posted in her Pat Winter Gathering's blog that she would be selling some of the CQ101 class kits in her Etsy shopI, of course, got all excited.  After years of trying to decide whether or not to take an online course I didn't want to miss out because the available kits had run out. So, I purchased one right away and to my delight it came yesterday.

Since blue is my favorite color I chose the navy blue kit which is shown in the picture below:

I haven't opened my kit yet. It just looks so pretty in the packaging. I don't want to spoil it as of yet. I can keep it this way and admire it until the class starts.

YIPPEE!!!!!! My first online class. I'm so excited.

My sister will be so jealous. No matter how much she begs me I won't be giving her my navy blue crazy quilt purse. I'm her big sister and I know that big sisters should be generous to their little sister's, but this is where I'm drawing the line. I've given her many, many things I've made over the years, but she can't have my navy blue crazy quilt purse. No! No! NO!

No matter how much she begs she won't be getting this! No! No! NO!

She'll just have to take Pat's class and make one of her own.

I'm so excited! Once again, I'm doing a happy dance in my jammies.

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