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FREE Pattern Ideas Suggestions Over The Years

The other day I received a free pattern suggestion from one of my readers and I couldn't be happier.

As you can imagine after selling patterns online for seven years I've received quite a few emails. Some are for help with pattern issues, website issues, HTML, blog problems, general information, design ideas, etc. Most are unsolicited and I try to help if I can. In fact, several of my blogs and e-books were generated based on my trying to help another artist or crafter with an issue they were having.

I'm a firm believer in "paying it forward" and helping if I can. After all, we all started sometime and when I started on line I received a lot of help from many sources - all of which was greatly appreciated. Of course, back then there weren't any where near the number of artist and crafters websites and blogs that there are today.

I can even remember a forum conversation when blogs were new and a crafter/seller was saying that they would never buy anything from a blog. I thought that was a silly statement back then and well, nowadays it would be a ridiculous statement. In fact, now you can't always tell the difference between a selling website and a selling blog. There are millions of them now. The arts and crafts area on the web has certainly grown in seven years to gigantic proportions.

Back in 2006 I decided to solicit free pattern suggestions from my blog readers to see what kinds of free patterns they'd like to see me design and received quite a few responses. There have been continuous requests over the years, but I hadn't received any lately until the email the other day.

Well, since I'd just finished a massive 10-month e-pattern redesign project I began to think about what projects I'd like to start next. As you can imagine I have a massive list of arts or crafts projects that I'd like to try, blog ideas, crafting ideas, WIP's to complete - and the list goes on and on. Even though I'm optimistic there is no way in my lifetime that I'll be able to do everything and try everything I'd like to.

While sorting through some of my massive piles of to-do's I received the email for the free pattern idea. Of course, that prompted me to look at my free pattern ideas suggestions folder again.

I enjoyed reading through the suggestions again and thought you might, too. I hope you enjoy reading the requests:

Violet writes - Hi Linda, I had a thought on what free patterns I would like to see you design. Although it is only a suggestion. I have always admired my nan and pop for staying together as long as they have and seeing them still "in love" to this day. Anyway, I would love to see you design Grandma and Grandpa dolls. I just don't see many patterns around that are Grandma and Grandpa, which is quite sad. All the best, Violet

As a follow-up to this Violet sent me an email that said: Hi, Linda, After I suggested the grandparents dolls for your free patterns I decided to make some grandparent dolls up. lol It just stuck in my mind and I had to do it.  hehe (They aren't that great, but considering I didn't have a pattern to follow.  Just thought I'd let you know.  Hope you had a good week.  Violet.

Sandy writes - Hi Linda, My name is Sandy and I have twin granddaughters that are going to turn 2 yrs. Old in May and I would love to make them an old fashioned Monkey doll with the wool socks. Do you have the pattern for this ? If you do I would so appreciate it. Thank You. Sincerely, Sandy

Dolly writes - Hello, I am new to doll making so an easy prim pattern would be great. I've been trying to draw one but can't seem to get the balance between head and body. I'm not great at sewing around curves on the machine either. Also would give me a chance to use stuff I have without investing a lot of money. Any pattern to make this easier for me would be great. Thanks, Dolly - Happy Holidays!!

Pammie writes - Yes design cloth dolls all sizes.

Carrie writes - Hi, there. I just found your site and it is gorgeous! I am looking for a FREE doll pattern. I just got my first sewing machine for Christmas yesterday, at the age of 27. So, I am looking for something easy to try. Thanks! Carrie

Joan writes - Hello Linda, My name is Joan and I crochet and sew. I've never made a doll before. I pretty much make clothes. I want to know how to make a doll and also to quilt. I don't know anyone who can show me. It would be awesome if you offered a free pattern to try. Anything that is pretty basic for us "newbies". If I can do it then I would absolutely pay for a pattern. Thank you. Sincerely, Joan

Vicky writes - Hello Linda.. I was looking at your web site.. really nice.. I would love to be able to make some prim dolls, I prefer something like your Primitive Annie, with a little larger head, a Mammy doll, with wire curls.. Thank you Vicky

Olga writes - Hi LindaI have been sewing dolls since my little girl, now 33, was little. I would like you to make a doll that grows. Now I have a 2 year old granddaughter and would like to make her a doll that grows with her. Could you do that for me please. Olga from PA

AnnaLee writes - I have a beautiful 18" Kitty Collier that is in a 40's style swimsuit - I'd like something like a full sailor dress for her - she's a platinum blond.

OR....I have a Revlon Doll - the taller and she has no clothes AT ALL...through time they've disappeared. She's from the 50's I got her brand new. Good luck deciding. Anna (Edmond, OK)

Wendy writes - hi , i like your site. i have made a few dolls and am looking for a life size doll pattern for my 2 year old grandson. cant afford the $10 patterns this year. Wendy

The Hammonds write- There seem to be a lot of site with free patterns for antique dolls weather cloth or porcelain. What I would like to find is one that my 7 year old could sew for her fake barbies 10 1/2 to 12 inches tall. Thanks For taking the time to listen :) The Hammonds

Anonymous posted on my Linda's Blog - what about colonial dress patterns for preteens.

Hi Hello, My name is Esttella age 53 and I love making cloth rag dolls, do you have any patterns for the old fashioned cloth doll? I would love to hear from you. Regards Esttella

Jennie writes - Hi my name is Jennie - looking for free patterns. What about a clown pattern for a doll. It could be a jumpsuit with a ruffle or BIG bow that could be converted to a pair of trousers with an all-in-one top with an elasticated ruffle at the neck (for ease of putting on)- with a waist coat. Big gloves (stuffed with cotton wool and the same for shoes (big ones or eatern ones with turned up toes and a bell/felt ball attached. All of which could be made from odd bits of material (I'm sure I'm not the only one with a scrap rag bag of 'useful' bits that they KNOW will come in handy at some point).

Athlyn writes  - You are looking for ideas for free doll patterns and my suggestions would be raggedy anns and angels.  Thank you very much.  Athlyn

Mel writes  -  Hi, I am at uni studying home ec teaching and I am making some basic pajamas - like proto-type kind.  So I am wondering f u have a large doll size pattern u could email me....the pj's need a collar, shorts, shirts, and needs to button up....  Any ideas?  Thanks, Linda

Brenda writes  - My idea would be self portrate doll...shoot sorry spelling.... Made with loving hands.  Bren

Judy writes  - Hi, if you do or have any time of time out or shy baby they have too many names, I would love that.  I'm new at dolls so starting big.  lol thanks Judy

Lynda writes  -  You have a lovely website.  I would think a lot of people would love free raggedy ann thpe dolls, snuggly, soft baby dolls and soft, snuggle teddy bears.

Lisa Marie writes  - What kind of free doll pattern would I like?  Well..I like doll patterns that are style...maybe all one piece?  Or simple attachments of arms and legs!! Homespun simple clothing....easy or no faces too!!! I don't like the big ones either..I like..maybe 12-15" ones.  Does that help?  Hopefully!! Thanks for asking!! Hugs..Lisa Marie

Pat writes - I would love to see some free patterns that I could send to my 86 year old mother who loves to sit and sew by hand.  I was hoping to find something for the seasons.  Thak you.  Pat

Melinda writes  - I am teaching my daughter and nieces to sew because their mothers do not know themselves.  Could you please design a very simple basic rag doll to make available to youngins.  Either that or some cute basic ornies they can have success with!  Thanks you.  Hugs, Melinda


Bekki writes  - hi, I would like a free detailed realistic, but cartoony art doll pattern.  thanks, bekki

Gloria writes  - Patterns for Barbie and the 13 inch baby doll.

Over the years I knew that I wouldn't be able to fulfill all the free pattern suggestions so I started my The Best Free Craft Articles blog hoping that my readers might find a free suggestions for a craft project they would like over there.  I'm happy to say that The Best Free Craft Articles blog is still growing strong with 910 articles to date.  Lots of wonderful ideas.  

All of the free ideas I've received over the years have been terrific ideas and have given me a lot to think about from a doll pattern designer perspective and from a FUN perspective.  I have some time on my hands now  and I'm itching to start designing and sewing again.  You never know what I'll come up with  - hopefully, some more freebies.  We'll see.

Please keep those free pattern ideas coming.

Thanks to all who wrote to me over the years.

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