Monday, October 18, 2010

A Treat For You - More Fall Floral Decorations!

I know that I've mentioned that I love to decorate for the Fall. So much so that I'm sure you're tired of hearing it. Ya think!

Well, I never get tired of decorating for this wonderful season and thought you might like to see some more of the Fall floral decorations that I have around my house this year.

Some are in baskets that I painted and some are in natural weave baskets. Most of the contents of the Fall baskets are either dried natural florals, pinecones, dried florals from my garden, or silk florals.

Happy Fall!  I hope you enjoy the season and the wonderful colors. 


  1. Beautiful!! Your home looks so warm and inviting!!
    Dessa Rae

  2. Hi, Dessa Rae:

    Thanks so much for looking. I do love to decorate either with florals or dolls and change them out with the seasons. It's a lot of work going up and down the basement stairs, but well worth it. Have a wonderful day.