Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Story Behind Denise Bailey's New FREE Primitive and Vintage Doll N' Crow Graphic

I just love graphics, especially doll graphics, and love showing them to you. I especially love it if there is a story behind them as very often there is a story behind my own doll creations.

Well, there is a story behind Denise Bailey's (aka Neenee's) new FREE doll graphic that I think you'll like.

Neenee has a wonderful new crafting forum that I am a member of called "The Crafter's Lounge" which I posted about in a previous post entitled "Free Forum- The Crafter's Lounge."

She has a section of her forum for showing off your creations. In a post showing one of her doll creations Neenee showed us all a picture of a 19" Primitive and Vintage Doll 'n Crow doll she had just made.

I, of course, loved it as I love everything Neenee makes, especially her graphics. So, in kidding I responded "Neenee, I love here. She's wonderful. Are you going to do a graphic of her? I bet she'd be adorable.Linda"

Little did I know that Neenee would actually take me up on that, but she did. She responded that since the doll was a pattern that she adapted from a doll she had made using a Stitch In Time pattern (# 252 Plain And Simple Annies) by Lisa Hansen she should ask Lisa if that was okay first. So she did.

Lisa responded that Neenee could create a graphic of her doll and so Neenee's NEW primitive and vintage doll n' crow graphic was created. She's the graphic to the left. Isn't she adorable? Neenee is so talented and I think she did a terrific job with the graphic. It looks just like the real doll clothes and all and I just LOVE it.

Neenee has posted her new doll graphic as a FREE graphic on her KKLGraphics blog.

Here are Neenee's Terms of Use for her FREE graphic - "Copyright © 2007 - All Rights Reserved — KKL Graphics - Created By Denise Bailey. This graphic is free for you to use for your own personal use. Please right click and save to your hard drive. You may make siggies, use on banners ( your own ), use as email signatures. If you have any questions re: usage, please email kklprimitives @ . Please do not offer this images for download anywhere else."
Now you might think that's the end of the story, but you'd be wrong. It turns out that another member of the forum just loved Neenees new graphic, too, and responded that she had a craft show she was doing in November and wanted to add Neenee's new FREE graphic to the fliers send to past visitors and wondered if under the terms of "personal use" she could do so.

Neenee being the wonderful and generous graphic artist that she is responded, "Yes, you may use her on your fliers. I'm tickled that you like her well enough to use her!!!

Personal use means you can use a graphic for things like your flyers, siggies, you can use them for your own personal websets, banners, logos.......what you cannot do is sell the graphic - you can't make someone else a banner with that image and sell it. But if someone asked you to make them a banner with it because they didn't know how and you made it for free......then you could.

Everyone's TOU (terms of use) are different so when they offer something for free personal use and you aren't sure, it's always best to come right out as ask."

So, Neenee's new doll graphic will be on her own flier. I'm sure all of Neenee's other doll graphics are going to be soooooo jealous when they hear that. Oh, well! That's what happens when you're an adorable doll graphic.

So, what do you all think? Didn't Neenee do a FABULOUS job creating the doll as a graphic? I think so, and I just love it. Then again, I'm a little biased as I just love all Neenee's graphics. I'm her #1 fan - or at least I like to think I am.

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