Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Story Behind My "Brian Snow Buddy" Doll Pattern

The snowguy to the left is called "Brian Snow Buddy" and is named after one of my grandsons. I named him that because he is just so adorable, as is my grandson. He's my buddy, as is my grandson. He's my pal, as is my grandson. He's so squeezable, as is my grandson. He's just so huggable, as is my grandson. He's just so lovable, as is my grandson. He's so......Stop it, Nana. You're embarrassing me. Who said that? "Brian Snow Buddy" or my grandson Brian? Both. Nah! They both love compliments.

"Brian Snow Buddy" is a 5" snowman doll pattern and is actually the first doll pattern in my "stout" doll pattern series. Brian has many more "cousins" from the "stout" family series that are being created as we speak and will be making their debut in the next few weeks.

Brian is a free-standing snowman with a warm & natural cloth body, embroidered face with black eyes, flannel vest, fringed scarf, snow cap with bell , and carries a small I (heart) snow sign. Small bows decorate his vest. His pattern is very easy to make. He is available as an E-pattern snowman doll pattern or print snowman doll pattern.

When I was designing this doll he kept telling me "make me like Brian." I know, you think I'm crazy that the dolls talk to me. It's bad enough that they talk to me after they're created but before too. Well, yah. Anyway, I had to make something that was as adorable, squeezable, lovable and excitable as Brian was as a little boy. Still is for that matter. He had the cutest fiery red cheeks. Talk about excitable. At Christmas time he could barely control himself. Back to the story. So, "Brian Snow Buddy" became the most adorable lovable, excitable, and squeezable snowman around. Go on, give him a squeeze or a hug. He'll love it. So will you.

Brian Snow Buddy just loves the snow, as does my grandson. "Brian Snow Buddy" is strong in body, as is my grandson. He's determined, bold and brave, as is my grandson. He's stubborn, staunch and firm, as is my grandson. He's powerful and forceful, as is my grandson. He's bulky in figure, thick set and corpulent, as is.......OOPS! That's not my grandson. He's a lean, mean fighting machine and I LOVE HIM. Stop it, Nana! You're embarrassing me. Who said that? My grandson or "Brian Snow Buddy?"


  1. What a sweet story Linda! Both Brian's are adorable!

  2. I'm so glad you enjoyed them. Thanks for the comment.