Saturday, August 06, 2005

How Can I Be A Feminist Victorian???

I have to wonder sometimes why I have such a fascination or passion for the fashions of the Victorian Era when I am clearly a feminist (the ultimate feminist according to my son-in-law). My inner self seems to be fighting with itself. Women's rights versus love of a time when women had, basically, no rights, but, wore the most beautiful dresses. So, I thought that maybe I should investigate this further. What is it that draws me to the era when it is so contrary to my basic beliefs.

According to the American Heritage Dictionary feminism is "a doctrine that advocates or demands for women the same rights granted to men, as in political or economic status." Feminists clearly believe in this, so therefore I clearly am a feminist (and PROUD of it to boot). In fact, make that VERY PROUD.

According to the American Heritage Dictionary a Victorian is defined as "Pertaining or belonging to the period of Queen Victoria's reign. Exhibiting qualities usually associated with the time of Queen Victoria, as moral severity or hypocrispy, middle-class stuffiness, and pompous conservationism. A person belonging to or exhibiting characteristics typical of the period of Queen Victoria." Clearly, I am not Victorian. Clearly, their attitutes towards women and society is for the BIRDS (maybe they don't even want to be associated with it). Yet, I am drawn to their fashions. Drawn to their style.


Why do I love to make victorian doll patterns for my Linda Walsh Originals website when I clearly am not Victorian? I am as perplexed as you are. Perhaps, I should explore this further and delve a little more into the rights of women during the Victorian Era.

Maybe if I get so disgusted with their lack of rights I'll stop loving the Victorian Era and Victorian Fashion. Maybe, I'll stop designing victorian doll patterns? Maybe, I'll stop designing doll patterns all together. Maybe, I'll stop loving dolls. Maybe, I'll stop loving history and genealogy. Maybe, I'll turn into a Victorian and start to believe their treatment of women was right. Yeah! Right! In your dreams Queen Victoria!

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