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The "dollies" and I have been designing dolls, e-patterns, e-printables, e-books, custom fabrics, and custom products since 2004 and have to say we love every minute of it.  We especially love creating whimsical graphics that we can utilize in so many of our other products.

So, it's only natural that we would create a Linda Walsh Originals Designs Gallery on Zazzle for the graphics not already housed in our Alpaca's Rock, Gray Is Beautiful, It's Raining Baby Showers and It's Raining Doll Parties galleries design lines.  We have started adding products to our new gallery and have so many new graphics to share it will take us a little while to accomplish all of this.

However, you can certainly check out our new Linda Walsh Originals Designs Gallery and stop by from time to time to see all our wonderful whimsical creations.  So much fun - so little time to accomplish everything.  LOL

You may not be aware that we have so many different shops, galleries, and blogs to help with all of this which are as follows:

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