Saturday, February 27, 2021

Bet the Kids Would Love Alpaca Themed Birthday Parties


Kids love themes for birthday parties that range from all sorts of superheroes, to fairy tale creatures, to cartoon superstores, to real life heroes and so much more.

Well, I had a great idea - what about alpaca themed birthday parties?  Wouldn't that be fun?

I thought it would.  So, I developed all sorts of alpaca birthday themed custom products to help you throw the best alpaca themed birthday party ever?

How can you not love alpacas? Just look at the faces in the picture above.  No one can resist them.

If you're an alpaca farmer you have a distinct advantage in throwing alpaca themed birthday parties.  You have the adorable alpacas for the kids to meet.

If your child loves alpacas and you don't have an alpaca farm nearby that throws birthday parties, you can still throw a wonderful alpaca themed party in your own yard or house.

I created different seven alpaca themed birthday party graphics so you could mix and match the products to coordinate with each other.

My "Birthday Party Supplies & Decorations" line is for party supplies, party decorations, home decor and so much more all revolving around the alpaca themed birthday party.

My new line includes the following graphics:

Friday, February 26, 2021

My Alpacas Rock Gallery Has A Whole New Look and New Categories

I have great news.  My Alpacas Rock graphics, custom fabric, and product galleries have all been re-designed and I think you're going to love them.

Back in 2008 I created my original Alpacas Rock Gallery and designs for alpaca farmers and lovers of alpacas.  I designed custom products for everyday home decor use, for alpacas farm day business events and business products, for children's alpaca themed birthday parties, and for seasonal and holiday alpaca themed home-decor.  In looking at my old designs I decided to re-design some of them and to create new designs.  The purposes are still the same.  Just the designs have changed.

If you love alpacas and love alpaca home decor I still have all sorts of household and home decor products to satisfy every decorating need including everyday home decor as well as home decor for the seasons and holidays.  If you're an alpaca farmer with business product needs and "farm days" needs I still have designs for you.  If you still love alpaca themed birthday parties for your kids I have designs and products for you.  And, if you love wearing  clothing showing your love of alpacas I have designs for you.  

What is new is that I now have a line of custom designed products for crafts like: custom fabric, scrapbook papers, rubber stamps, paper stickers, vinyl stickers, posters, and wall decals.  So, if you love paper crafts, scrapbooking, mixed media, collage, sewing, and general crafting we have alpaca themed crafts supplies, too.

Alpacas still Rock at my "Alpacas Rock Product Gallery."

My Alpacas Rock Products Gallery  is very easy to navigate. My Alpacas Rock Gallery has 7 categories to choose from, some of which have their own design sub-categories, and they are are as follows:

Thursday, February 04, 2021

My New Gray Is Beautiful Gallery

Like all senior citizens, the "Grays" know how to adapt to change. In fact, they excel at it which is why they have been working feverishly over the last few weeks creating brand new graphics for their new "Gray Is Beautiful" Gallery, which is now a division of the Linda Walsh Originals Designs Gallery.  They've come under Linda's umbrella and they couldn't be happier.

It was out with the old and in with the new. The "Gray Is Beautiful" custom products line got a face lift - so to speak.

However, that doesn't mean the "Grays" have changed their feelings and goals.  The "Grays" still believe that aging is beautiful and gray hair is not only beautiful, but something to be proud of.  They are still proud of their age & their gray hair and are proud to say so. As far as they are concerned, they have earned each and every strand. 

They still say "Be PROUD" of your gray. Whether you are a senior citizen, baby boomer, female, or just have gray or white hair their "Gray Is Beautiful" products are definitely for you.

The "Grays" always like to be current with the times and love creating new graphics, new fabrics, and new products and have been busy doing this for their new gallery.  

If you don't know who the "grays" are there are 15 dolls in the "Gray Is Beautiful" group now. We have Celia, Blue Bell Sara, Rebecca, Grandma Aurora May On An Expedition, Grandpa Lewis On An Expedition, Sweetheart Faith, Petronella The Birdhouse Lady, Doug The Handy Dandy Gentleman, Laura The Quintessential Bunny Lady, Devin A Bunny Gentleman, Helena, Sweet Julianna, Mabel - I Might, Magdalene - The Drama Queen, and Susan Renee - My Beautiful Gray.

All are beautiful "Grays" and all have their own feelings and ideas so, as you can imagine, it takes awhile for them to agree on something.  But, agree they do.  And, when they're ready to go - well, they are READY to go.

Right  now their new gallery has 5 categories as follows: 

If ever there was a guardian angel it would have to be "Grandma."  At least as far as the "Grays" are concerned.  So they thought they would show their respect to all the Grandma's out there with an a new angel design.

Their adorable new "Grandma's Are Our Guardian Angels!" design and new products are for senior citizens, grandma's and grandpa's and are intended for use as gifts and accessories for seniors birthdays, retirement parties, and other special occasions, as well as home decor.