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The Sneaks Family Category of Custom Products Line For My "It's Raining Doll Parties Gallery"


I had saved some of one of my grandsons sneakers from the time he was a baby until he was in elementary school and had been itching to use them for something I was creating.

The beauty of creating dolls is they can be anything you want and be any stretch of the imagination, which is just fine.  Remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Back in 2007 I decided to design 4 boy dolls based on my four grandsons.  Two of my grandsons were twins, the other two were 14 years apart but I decided to go with two sets of twins for this design.

So, I decided to use the sneakers and go with four boys heads with sneaker bodies who loved playing baseball.  The funny part of this is none of my grandsons liked or played baseball.  The sneakers just seemed to call for baseball players more than football, basketball, or soccer players.  Plus, I had four miniature wood bats which helped swing the idea that way.  So, baseball players it was and "The Sneaks Family" was born.

It's always a wild and crazy scene at the "Sneaks Family" house with four young boys running around. Four young boys would be bad enough, but four young boys consisting of two sets of fraternal twins with one set aged 7 and the other set aged 8 - well, that's just plain crazy.

While the "Sneaks Family" of two sets of fraternal twins are not physically identical they do bear enough of a similar physical appearance that it is hard at times to tell them apart.

"Slammin Ryan Sneaks" and "Stealin Base Devin Sneaks" are the fraternal twins age 7. "Nicholas Fast Ball Sneaks" and "Home Run Brian Sneaks" are the fraternal twins age 8. If you can tell any of them apart we congratulate you.

So, while they are a little bit different physically that's where the difference ends. They are identical in likes, dislikes, energy levels, attitudes, intelligence, and strength. They are all highly intelligent boys who just love to rough house and play their favorite sport - baseball.

It's always a wild and crazy scene at the "Sneaks Family" house with four young boys running around so you can imagine how excited they are by the release of their revised custom fabric designs, custom gift wrap, birthday party products and home decor products. They can't sit down.

However, many of their friends are "girls" who love baseball as much as they do so I also created 5 different designs that are suitable for either "boys" or for "girls."

Back in 2015 I created my first custom products for little boys and girls birthday parties and home decor.  It has been awhile since I revised them so I decided it was time to create some new designs for my It's Raining Doll Parties Gallery and for my Linda Walsh Originals Spoonflower It's Raining Doll Parties Fabric Designs Collection and to retire a few others. 

I ended up creating the ten new designs shown in the collage above.  The Sneaks Family loved their new designs so they were happy.  

Using these ten designs I created a The Sneaks Family Designs Category for creating custom products in my It's Raining Doll Parties Gallery.  

My new designs coordinate perfectly with each other so you can still have complementing product designs no matter which one of the four designs you buy. 

This new line of my "It's Raining Doll Parties" Gallery is focused on baseball and custom products for little boys and little girls.  

I have all sorts of home decor, bathroom decor like towels and shower curtains, bedroom decor like duvet covers & pillowcases, and pillows for little boys and little girls bedrooms.  

There are various types of school supplies, like: pens, pencils, erasers, pencil cases and reusable tote bags as well as sports and games.  

For little boys and little girls birthday parties there is everything you need for gift giving decorating, paper products for birthday parties, linens for party decorations, jigsaw puzzles, and so much more in the Sneaks family designs and baseball gear or sneakers designs.

I thought my ten designs, shown in the pictures above, would be perfect for several products in my "It's Raining Doll Parties Gallery."

Winter Seasonal Custom Fabric
I also thought most of my designs would also be perfect where position orientation may or may not be needed like: fabric, tablecloths, blankets, throws, pillowcases, duvet covers, bathroom towels, kitchen towels and so much more.

Given how much I love to craft and how much I love designing custom craft supplies I created a new Crafting Supplies & Fabric category for my It's Raining Doll Parties Gallery that contains crafts supplies for bth the Sneaks Family, Hawk Family, and We Love Books Hawk Family designs.  I created vinyl stickers, scrapbook paper, rubber stamps, paper stickers, wall decals, fabric and posters.  

I hope you enjoy all  the crafting supplies and custom fabric designs I've created so far.  So many crafting supplies for little boys and little girls creative desires.

As you now I love creating mixed media, collage, and scrapbooking paper crafts and love using vinyl stickers for some of these purposes.  So, of course, I created one The Sneaks Family vinyl sticker set in 5 different sizes.

I hope you enjoy my new custom products for little boys and little girls birthday and crafting parties, home decor products for boys and girls bedrooms, party decorations, gift giving needs, party paper goods, school supply products and crafting supplies.  Time to have some fun! Time to play ball!

Please note that all transactions for purchasing any of the items at my products galleries are between you (the customer) and

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