Sunday, March 31, 2019

The Grays Have Been Busy Designing New Custom Fabrics

The "Grays" and I just LOVE designing fabrics and love it when some of the graphics we created for other purposes end up creating wonderful fabric designs. Such was the case with some of the graphics we created for the original products in our Gray Is Beautiful Products Gallery.  

Well, over the winter the "Grays" were busy re-designing their "Gray Is Beautiful Products Gallery" and ended up re-designing the bulk of our  Gray Is Beautiful Fabric Designs Collection.

Most of the new fabric designs will end up having coordinating Gray Is Beautiful Gallery Products.
We just finished five new product lines and will be working on the rest over the spring and summer.

The "grays" are very crafty and love to design so there are a LOT of new designs.    They hope you like their new custom fabric designs and their re-designed Gray Is Beautiful Products Gallery.

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