Thursday, January 18, 2018

New Winter Church Custom Fabric Designs and A Wonderful Recollection Of A Beautiful Time

When I was a child the first church I can remember my family going to was a typical New England white church with steeple.  Since then I've always loved the look of this type of church.  Pure New England simplicity and just beautiful.

At Christmas time every year we always had a Christmas decoration craft.  One year I wanted to do a white steeple church out of Styrofoam and my Dad decided to help me with this.  We wanted to build a church big enough to hold a lighted angel inside.

I can't remember exactly how long it to to build this but it was a few days.  My Dad was meticulous about his crafts and spend a long time carefully carving the curve of the church steeple so it was perfect and carving the arch for the windows.

When we had finished putting it together and the glue had dried we put it out with the lighted angel inside.  It glowed beautifully and the light shown through the side windows that my Dad had meticulously carved.

We surrounded the church with a chorus of church choir wax figures, angels, and trees.  It looked wonderful and was my favorite Christmas decoration for many, many years.

Unfortunately, the Styrofoam did not survive the years and crumbled over time.

I never forgot that decoration and over the years have found myself drawn to church crafts, like woodcraft's or cross-stitch kits depicting churches.

While I was designing my new custom fabrics I decided that I should create some custom fabric designs with a simple New England Church in them.

I also decided that a cut and sew church ornament would be nice too.  That way I could make one and hang it on my Christmas tree every year.  It would remind me of a wonderful crafting experience I had with my Dad and that would be simply wonderful.

I hope you like my winter church custom fabric designs:

We hope you enjoy making many, many decorations and gifts.

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