Monday, May 08, 2017

My 2 in 1 “Celia - Art Doll and Celia Victorian Girl Doll” NEW Combo E-Pattern

If you love making beautiful cloth dolls then you're going to love our “Celia - Art Doll and Celia Victorian Girl Doll” 2 in 1 combo e-pattern.

“Celia - Art Doll”, 19” Doll E-Pattern - Victorian Doll Series - Pattern Category - Skill Level - Intermediate

Celia has been a member of The Red Hat Society for a long time and thoroughly enjoys the times they get together. She and the other ladies of the club love dressing up in their purple dresses and red hats, and letting their hair down. Sometimes things get a little wild, but that doesn't deter any of the ladies. They love their lives, they love each other, and best of all they love happy fun - especially when it's the dress-up kind.

"Celia - Art Doll" is a 19" art doll with a cloth body, embroidered face with wire glasses, fully wired and bendable cloth body, and thick white curly hair. She is wearing red print bloomers gathered at the waist and ankles. Her black felt boots are criss-crossed with DMC embroidery floss for laces.

Her purple print dress is gathered at the waist, shoulders, wrists and neck and has a purple tulle dress skirt overlay and purple tulle dress sleeves overlay. Gathered lace trim adorns the neck of her dress and two columns of decorative lace trim adorns the center of her dress bodice. Purple hearts add adornment to her dress bodice. Wide red ribbon is wrapped around her waist and tied in a large bow in the front. A  purple feather boa's is wrapped around her shoulders and arms as a shawl.

She is wearing lilac gloves and has a decorative ring on her right wrist for a bracelet. She is holding a miniature red velour print lined pocketbook with a bead handle. Her red velour hat is adorned with black lace, red feathers, and a silk floral adornment with beads and sits atop the back center of her head.

With the fully bendable body my "Celia - Art Doll" sits beautifully on her pink metal chair.

Designer - Linda Walsh Originals

“Celia”, 22” Doll - Victorian Girl Doll E-Pattern - Victorian Series - 1893 Empire Gown - Pattern Category - Skill Level - Beginner

"Celia" is dressed in her "Sunday" Victorian best. From her high waist dress to her tiny jacket, to her bloomers, to her frilly lacy hat, to her slip she is all "Lacy Victorian." She, of course, couldn't be happier as she is a "frilly girl" through and through. Lace, frills, and ruffles. The more lace, ruffles, and frills the better. She wants it all. That is, she wants it Victorian and all.

Celia has a fancy double-tiered lace and ruffled trim lined jacket with long puffed up sleeves, very fancy lace & floral decorated lined hat with tulle, fancy lace & double-ruffle tiered dress, lace gloves, lace trimmed and gathered slip, lace trimmed and gathered bloomers, and blond hair tied in a bun. She has boots tied with laces and her lined jacket has large ribbon ties which are tied in a bow in the front. She also has a fabric covered head and body and black bead eyes.

Designer - Linda Walsh Originals

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