Wednesday, November 09, 2016

The Dolls Product Lines Series - Too Much Glitter Santa

Santa just loves working with the elves and making all sorts of handmade gifts for the good girls and boys. While Santa loves working with the elves they don't always love working with him - especially when it comes to using glitter. Santa loves glitter and loves sprinkling it all over his creation.

"Too Much Glitter Santa" is a self-sitting Santa doll with a roly-poly body, chubby head that's bald on the top, and drawn face with a little pompom nose. He has stringy hair, stringy beard and stringy mustache. He's wearing brown felt boots, his favorite green and gold polka dot shirt and green and gold striped pants. He's seated in a sitting position and holding a gold present.

The elves try to control the amount of glitter Santa uses, but it's no use. He just gets it everywhere. In his hair. In his beard. In his mustache. Everywhere.

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